Jun 262012


v0.4 Test version (not-minified)

v0.4 Minified version (loads faster on ipad)


This release has one major feature: support multiple comic folders.

You can now specify an array of folders that will be scanned for comics in the config.php file.

Previously, all comic filenames were stored in the database as a relative path wrt the $options[“comicfolder”].

After installing and configuring this release, the database will be updated and all filenames are now stored as an absolute path.

As this is a major change, you have to take care to get it right the first time. Make a backup of the comics sqlite database beforehand!

The config option $options[“comicfolder”] has been deprecated and will no longer be used.

Instead the option $options[“folders”] is added.

This option is an array with folders.

If you want the database to be updated correctly, make sure the first array entry points to the folder previously set in $options[“comicfolder”] !



$options[“comicfolder”] = “J:\\comics”;


$options[“folders”] = array( “J:\\comics”, “J:\\MoreComics”, “C:\\EvenMoreComics”);


You will also notice the options:

$options[“ComicRackDatabase”] = “C:\\Users\\jeroen\\AppData\\Roaming\\cYo\\ComicRack\\ComicDb.xml”;
$options[“ComicRackFolder”] = “C:\\Program Files\\ComicRack”;

These are not yet used, but you may guess where I will need them for….



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