Discontinued !

As of februari 5th 2016 I have stopped development and support on this plugin. This is due to time constraints and lack of interest on my part.
As a result ComicRack 0.9.177 is the last version this plugin works with.
The source code (gplv3) is still available on Github, so if anybody feels up to it, dive right in!
It’s been a great learning opportunity for me and I thank all ComicRacks users that took the time and effort to use my plugin.


Download the latest version:


Upgrade guide:

Install the plugin via the preferences box of ComicRack.

There’s no need to uninstall a previous version.

A restart of ComicRack is necessary, but ComicRack will warn you about that.

If after a restart the plugin’s toolbar icon is gone, uninstall and reinstall the plugin. This happens to me sometimes, don’t know why.

Make sure you’ve installed ComicRack 0.9.177!

Changelog 1.31 (13 december 2015)

  • Updated .NET packages
  • Updated Sencha Touch to 2.4.2

Changelog 1.30 (9 may 2015)

  • Fixed synchronization of Comic book progress with ComicRack. The current page is now synced for the user that has the option ‘Use comic progress from ComicRack’ enabled.
  • Username is now case-insentitive when logging in

Changelog 1.29 (7 nov 2014)

  • Added new layout options for the comic list. You can now choose between list and grid layouts.
  • Moved the Sort options to separate popup dialog. Open it via the button in the right top corner. You can also choose the comic list layout and theme here.
  • Changed color theme.
  • Updated Sencha Touch to version 2.4.1
  • Added option to choose a theme. Right now you can choose between ‘Normal’ and ‘Lite’.
    • This is for the comic list only for now.
    • Normal: this theme uses a bitmap as background and uses drop-shadows effect for the text and cover image. This may lower performance on older tablets. Old Nexus 7 and iPad 2 have no problems with this.
    • Lite: this theme uses plain color as background and has no drop-shadow effect. This will perform better on slower tablets.
  • Show the url to the webpages in the plugin dialog in ComicRack
  • Re-enabled the redirect of the root (/) to the specified url (e.g. /tablet/index.html)
  • Fixed a crash when accessing the interface via 2 tablets at once.
  • Fixed errors while converting dates for display.
  • Added Close button to the Comic Settings dialog
  • More small fixes….

Changelog 1.28 (6 sept 2014):  

  • recompile for ComicRack 0.9.176
  • redirect / to /tablet/index.html

Changelog 1.27:

  • removed check for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Redistributable

Changelog 1.26:

UNTESTED: due to the upgrade to ST2.3.1 the site should now work with FireFox and IE10 and the Surface tablet. Please let me know if it works ok or not.

  • Upgraded to Sencha Touch 2.3.1
  • Bugfix: store sort settings
  • Added option to sort on published date
  • Removed Sort button, replaced with Sort bar

Changelog 1.25:

  • Recompile for ComicRack 0.9.175

Changelog 1.24:

  • Recompile for ComicRack 0.9.172

Changelog 1.22:

  • Recompile for ComicRack 0.9.170

Changelog 1.22:

  • Recompile for ComicRack 0.9.169

Changelog 1.21:

  • Recompile for ComicRack 0.9.168

Changelog 1.20:

This release has a lot of changes. Because I renamed the plugin, you will first have to uninstall a previous version and then reinstall this version.

  • Requires ComicRack 0.9.165
  • Renamed plugin’s ComicRack package name from “Web Viewer for tablets” to “Badaap Comic Reader”
  • Changed ComicRack toolbar icon, was  nancy is now  badaap_icon
  • Added authentication
  • Added multiple user support (default there is 1 user, username ‘user’, password ‘password’, add more via the user tab in the settings window)
  • Removed original, non-tablet interface
  • Removed almost all original webviewer plugin C# code.
  • Check at startup if “Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package” is installed (needed for FreeImage.dll)
  • New settings window

Changelog 1.19:

  • Recompile for ComicRack 0.9.163
  • Updated the client-side javascript to Sencha Touch 2.1.1. Notable visible changes are that the (smart)list view and the comic list view look different, because I had some CSS problems with the updated Sencha Touch library.
  • Updated the server-side webserver NancyFX to 0.16.1
  • Included SQLite .NET library for future use

Changelog 1.18: BadaapWebViewer_1.18.crplugin

  • Recompile of 1.17 for making it compatible with ComicRack 0.9.162
  • Disabled opening of WebComics as they tend to hang the plugin.

Changelog 1.17: BadaapWebViewer_1.17.crplugin

  • Recompile of 1.16 for making it compatible with ComicRack 0.9.161

Changelog 1.16: BadaapWebViewer_1.16.crplugin

  • Recompile of 1.15 for making it compatible with ComicRack 0.9.160 (v3)

Changelog 1.15: BadaapWebViewer_1.15.crplugin

  • Recompile of 1.14 for making it compatible with ComicRack 0.9.160

Changelog 1.14: BadaapWebViewer_1.14.crplugin

  • Recompile of 1.13 for making it compatible with ComicRack 0.9.159
  • Added version check when starting up the plugin and show warning if the plugin is incompatible with the ComicRack version.

Changelog 1.13: BadaapWebViewer_1.13.crplugin

  • No new features or bugfixes. Only a recompile of 1.12 for making it compatible with ComicRack 0.9.158

Changelog 1.12:  BadaapWebViewer_1.12.crplugin

  • No new features or bugfixes. Only a recompile of 1.11 for making it compatible with ComicRack 0.9.157

Changelog 1.11:  BadaapWebViewer_1.11.crplugin

  • fixed: scroll page to top before loading the new page.

Changelog 1.10: BadaapWebViewer_1.10.crplugin

  • scroll page to top before loading the new page.
  • disabled page preloading, as it didn’t increase performance
  • decreased comic list pagesize from 500 to to 250 items, should load a little faster now
  • replaced icons in comic view with in-place data:image resource, so they won’t be loaded from the webserver each time they’re shown

Changelog 1.9: BadaapWebViewer_1.9.crplugin

  • installer now automatically choose correct FreeImage.dll for ComicRack’s process type (32/64bit)
  • fix bug: rescaled image was erroneously served and written to disk
  • added option to clear the cache from the settings box
  • already show previous/next page icon while dragging the page instead of just on dragend.
  • reverted changes to preloading
  • don’t stop scroll animation when starting to load a new page

Please use the Clear Cache button, so you’ll get the correct images instead of the cached, incorrectly scaled ones.

Changelog 1.8:

  • workaround for IOS resource restrictions on image size:
    • see ImageViewer info for more info
    • maximum image size is 5 MP (megapixels), if an image is larger than 5 MP, it is scaled down to 5 MP
    • maximum image size without (baseline) jpeg subsampling is 2 MP. If an image is larger than 2 MP, it is saved as progressive jpeg.
    • I have no idea about image restrictions on Android, please let me know.
  • immediately load current page instead of waiting for all outstanding cached pages.
  • scroll to top of list when list is refreshed.
  • fixed typo in Sort fields: 2nd Volume field is Number field
  • for the time being: split the plugin in a 32bit and 64bit version because of the inclusion of the FreeImage library

Changelog 1.7: BadaapWebViewer_1.7.crplugin

  • updated for ComicRack 0.9.156
  • added limitation to image dimensions (max 4096 x 3072 pixels because of ipad restrictions…). Can be changed in settings.xml
  • browse series fixed, there was an issue with the volume handling
  • fixed image caching, the full page is now actually used…

Changelog 1.6:

  • show nr of items in the series and comics lists
  • added sort options for the comic list
  • search on multiple terms: all terms must be present
  • added option to filter the series list
  • client side source released on GitHub

Changelog 1.5:

  • server side: filter comic info for showing in a comic list. Less data is transmitted, so comic list loads faster
  • fixed list updates when underlying data changes
  • use a comic’s proposed fields if fields are not filled in
  • added search on file path
  • set Cache-Control header to ‘no-cache’ for static content, because caching really messes up the iPad browsers (Atomic Browser specifically) when the app is frequently updated.


Changelog 1.4:

  • fixed the check at startup of ComicRack to see if the ComicRack is compatible with this plugin
  • replaced the list controls with buffered list controls, so scrolling a list with lots of items is faster
  • improved error responses from the BCR API
  • moved original Web Viewer settings to BCR settings.xml (NB: you need to reconfigure the external ip and port in the plugin box)